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The Art of Dishwashing with a Dishwasher

No matter what time of the day it is, we all love to consume our favorite foods as we preoccupy our minds with our various hobbies. This is especially true for those weekend nights when friends gather for a movie marathon or a slumber party. There is nothing better than to order food and eat like crazy, right? Well, you would surely agree, unless you are the one hosting the get-together.

The reason is obvious, no one likes the after party cleaning, especially when it comes down to dishes. While cleaning your place is something that you might have to take care of, there is surely a way around getting those dishes done yourself – a dishwasher!

If you have a dishwasher at your place, it surely saves you time and energy. However, the biggest problem seen in dishwashing with a dishwasher is that people don’t understand the art of using it properly. That is why we have gathered a list of steps that will help you make use of your dishwasher in the most efficient way possible.

Place the Dishes

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. It is very important to place the dishes correctly into the dishwasher in order to get the best wash out of it. The correct way to do this is by starting to place the dishes from the bottom end. Make sure that the dishes lean inwards if they do.

On the other hand, place the bowls and cups at a slight incline to get a good load of water pressure on them. This will also let them drain water afterwards. Furthermore, the cutlery should always be put handle down into the dishwasher.

Scrape Prior to the Wash

Although you don’t want to wash your dishes, you should wipe them off with a napkin or a tissue paper before putting them into the washer. This will give you an even cleaner set of dishes in the end.  Furthermore, different dishwashers come with a list of items that cannot be washed in them. Make sure you don’t put in plates that contain residue from such items because they will not be washed off properly.

Run the Hot Water

Running hot water in your sink is a good practice before starting a dishwasher. This will allow the washer to start with already-hot water, which in turn leads to better cleaning, overall.

Use the Sink Strainer

Most dishwashers drain water in the same pipe as your sink does. Therefore, it is better if you generally make use of a strainer to let the pipes stay clean of any debris.

Divide It into Sets

If you have a large set of dishes to be cleaned, don’t put them all in at once. To get the best results from your dishwasher, divide the dishes in two sets and wash them in two separate shifts.

Dishwashing with a dishwasher will not give you great results until and unless you learn the correct art to use it. That is why it is recommended to follow the above mentioned guidelines which will definitely help you in this regard.


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