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It is one thing to own a household appliance, it is another thing to not maximize its benefits. Most homes if not all, boast of having blenders. From specific or special blenders to multi purpose blenders. But in most cases, we find that some of these home owners or runners do not know about all the amazing benefits they can enjoy from blenders. It is important to know what your blender can and cannot do as it opens your eyes to amazing ways to save money and also reveal amazing recipes that can be gotten from blending the right ingredients. Blending also saves time and gives you a whole new kitchen experience. One that is easy, tasty, nutritious and of course colorful, depending what you are blending. Some brands boast of amazing  on https://allgreatappliances.com/.Some of them are so mind blowing, giving you two appliances for the price of one, also available are brands with a diversity in style and function. So well, while going for these mouth watering deals, here are a few mentions of blender recipes and just what your blender can make :

Blended Drinks

In terms of blended drinks, everyone knows that blenders make amazing ones. From milkshakes, frozen drinks, smoothies to fruit shakes. For stronger blenders, be assured to get things stepped up a bit to ice crushing for margaritas and the likes. For that family get together, daily energy boosting drinks or hang outs at home with friends, be assured that your blender can blend together filling and satisfying drinks for all purpose. For blended drinks however, please know the capacity of your blender as this would determine what you blend and just how your drink would feel in terms of smoothness or presence of chunks or lumps.

Soups, Purees and all things pasty

When it comes to soups and all thinks pasty, note that your blender is the perfect kitchen appliance to use. To make assorted soups, all you have to do is to place your cooked vegetables in the blender after which you can add a little amount of water and of course a few pieces of boneless chicken after which you are to blend contents to whatever texture you prefer. You can also be adventurous by adding avocados, apple sauce, tomato and or anything else you desire. Remember that in terms of texture, it depends on the strength of the blender and the pace at which you set your blender to function using the control buttons. With blenders, healthy meals are made at very affordable rates.

Baby Foods

We all want healthy babies and what better way to achieve this than to feed your baby with a variety of healthy foods. Especially when weaning your baby, blenders can indeed make very nutritious meals for your baby with a variety of flavors. The beauty of it all is you know and understand your baby and what he or she wants and needs and so with your blender you can customize your baby’s foods, using your own recipes. Trust me, even babies love blended foods.
Freshly Ground Spices and Coffee

Thanks to technology and modifications, we now have powerful blenders that can actually blend finely, coffee beans just the way you would like it to be. Saving you the time spent making that detour to your favorite coffee place. It also helps you save the money spent getting this coffee from across the road as you now get to enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee and the luxury of making yours at home at no added cost .

Grind Meat

Now you can make your hamburger patties in the comfort of your home. This is just as awesome as it sounds because the fact that you are grinding your own lean meat at home in your blender means that you know just what type of meat you are actually eating. So for your sandwiches, go ahead and shred cooked meat using powerful blenders.

Chopped Vegetables 

Don’t we hate that we have to shed tears when making our favorite meals? Onions does add a particular unique taste to your meals and so ditching onions is not an option. What is instead is the fact that you could actually save your tears and still get to savor its sweet taste by blending. Even for Vegetables like carrots, you can also blend to help you chop it up. All you have to do to achieve this is to use the ‘low’ setting or ‘pulse’ setting on your blender.

Grated Cheese

Blenders are also perfect for grated cheese. This means that you can make your pizza or casserole fresh at home using your freshly grated cheese courtesy your blender. Just cut up your cheese into cute cubes and place them into the blender using again your ‘low’ or ‘pulse’ setting.

Ice Cream

You can get the finest of homemade ice creams using your blender. Making this is quite easy as all you need are the right ingredients in the right quantity and your ice cream is ready. This is great for party guests and movie nights at home too. Blended ingredients are refrigerated to give that all too familiar sensation we get from ice creams. If you intend to add frozen fruits and chocolates, you would need a high powered blender to achieve the perfect blend. But once achieved, there is no going back. This is just a tip of the iceberg to what your blender can do. Blenders can also make salad dressing, mayonnaise, grind whole grains and loads more. Before you decide on what to eat today, take a close look at your recipe and just how it would look in your blender. For great and healthy meals, look to your blender before getting in that car for take out.

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